South Elementary PTC News 11.20.16

Hey South families!  Here is whats coming up and what we discussed at the PTC Meeting on Friday:

PTC Meeting Friday November 18th
Had a good turnout of parents attend!  Mr Roberts shared this VIDEO with all of us.  I hope you’ll take 10 minutes to watch it.  Its something he really wants to move our students towards.  He shared this video with the teachers at their last staff meeting as well.   Ms Messina was also at the meeting and mentioned she uses Classroom Dojo which features the Dojo Growth Mindset.

Mr Roberts mentioned we will be doing a fundraiser for “Shop With A Cop” on Tuesday November 22nd.  For a $1 donation students may wear a hat to school.  All monies raised will go towards being able to provide more students the ability to Shop With A Cop.  For those who may not know (like myself) the “Shop With A Cop” program is run by the Grandville/Walker Police Dept and South Elementary.  Teachers nominate students on perceived need and Mr Roberts notifies the parents that their student was nominated.  The students get to shop with a police officer at Wal-Mart and pick out things for their families (list provided by parents of items needed). Gifts are wrapped at the store and then taken home by the families to enjoy on Christmas morning.  All monetary donations are welcome on Tuesday morning, money raised by South will allow more South children to attend!  Teachers will collect the donations in the classrooms that morning.

Mr Roberts mentioned the new parking routine has been going well.  One thing to know is that the Student Safeties in front of the school are instructed to not let people cross the crosswalk until there are no cars on that stretch of road.  If you are driving thru there please continue driving, the Safeties stand with their arms out so people do not cross. And please NO 3 point turns in front of the school.

We’ve heard there are some parents who don’t know who the PTC is or what we do. There are 5 of us on the Board and another 10 or so parents who regularly attend the PTC meetings.  Every parent or guardian of a South student is a member of the PTC!
The 5 Board members have put together a little “About Me” section below. We facilitate all the fundraising for the school.  We are a non-profit and work really hard for there to be fun things for the students- Mother/Son night, Daddy/Daughter Dance, School Carnival, Family BBQ, Popcorn Fridays, Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad to name a few.  PLUS we can provide grants for the teachers to purchase things for their rooms that they would not have funding for otherwise.  Our treasurer Kristy Gibney has put together a list of what we have funded this year (Thanks to you for participating in our fundraisers!)-

Mini-grants total $1500 for the year!
Peggy Camiller $100 for new books and sensory items for new classroom.
Wendy Wellman-Bowman $100 for supplies for class store.
Beth Boersma $96 for subscription to Flocabulary.
Timmer $150 for food for various projects.
Also, all full time teachers get $75 and part time get $50 at the beginning of the year.
Room parents get $25 for each party.
Library is provided with $3,700.  So far, the library has used almost $2000 on books and prizes!
Each classroom is given $200 for field trips.
This year, $2,500 has been approved for 6th Grade camp.
PTC paid for the beautiful new classroom signs in the hallways!
PTC also buys popcorn and supplies, provides $400 for Teacher Appreciation Week, $300 for Girls on the Run, $150 for Kids in Nature, $150 for Lego League, and $250 for the safeties White Caps Field Trip.

The 5 PTC Board members plus all the other PTC parents at the meeting on Friday voted in favor of $2500 spend for 6th grade camp. Thank you to all who participate in PTC fundraisers!
Another thing the PTC was able to do last month was purchased 52 wall mountable fans for the classrooms and library at South- ALL BECAUSE YOU HELP US RAISE MONEY BY PARTICIPATING IN OUR FUNDRAISERS! THANK YOU!  These fans should really make a difference in the classrooms!

Coming up this week:
Monday night- there is a Social Media Night for parents at a local church- information is scheduled to come from Infinite Campus Messenger.
Tuesday- Hat Day for Shop with a Cop (All Monetary Donations accepted, suggested $1 per student.)
Tuesday- Also Jets Fundraiser Night!  Flyers came home on Friday and I’ll repost on the facebook group if you need to print another one.
No School Wednesday-Friday- Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Coming up-
December 2nd-9th: Five Below Fundraiser!  There will be a flyer coming home this week and it is also posted on the facebook event page.   Turn it in at Five Below and we receive a portion of the sales that night!

So who are these board members anyways?

Co Presidents: Alison Edidin & Victoria Talsma

Victoria Talsma:
My name is Victoria Talsma and I am one of your PTC Presidents. I have three daughters that attend South Elementary; Emma who is 10 yrs old and is in Mrs.Timmer’s  4th grade class.  Olivia who is 8-1/2 and is in Mrs. Messina’s 3rd grade class, and Zhoey who is 6 and is in  Mrs.Uhl’s Kindergarten class. I am from the Kalamazoo area and have spent many years in the medical field as a practice manager in both Kalamazoo and right here in Grand Rapids. Currently both my husband, Paul and myself are business owners.  One of my hobbies is cake decorating and spending time with my family. When the girls aren’t committed to dance or other sporting activity we love to travel and enjoy warm weather activities as well as snow skiing in the winter. This is my third year participating on the PTC board, formerly volunteer coordinator and vice president. I enjoyed coordinating the Daddy Daughter dance for south the past two years. I feel fortunate to have such amazing teachers, staff, students and parents at South Elementary. I look forward to many great parents joining our board over the next year to continue making South Elementary the great school that is.

Alison Edidin:
Allison Family.JPG
My name is Alison Edidin and I am one of your PTC presidents. I have two kids at South; Lucas in Mrs Hjort’s class and Jacob who is in Mrs Lancto’s class. I also have a 7th grader named Graham and a 10th grader named Noah. By the time Jacob graduates from GHS I will have had children in Grandville schools from the year 2012-2030!
I grew up in Grandville and went to south myself. My family moved back here from AZ in 2012 when Noah started 6th grade and Graham 3rd grade at South. I am an ER nurse by trade but am currently working in the ICU at St Mary’s as a case manager. I also work for the YWCA as a nurse examiner. My husband, Blake, is a Chicago native and is a realtor with Five Star.  I love being at South and being involved with the happenings at the school. I think very highly of the teachers, staff, parents and students of South Elementary and look forward to being involved for many years to come!

Treasurer/Secretary: Kristy Gibney
My name is Kristy Gibney. I am the PTC Treasurer this year.  This is my fourth year (not consecutive) serving on the Board. My daughter Grace is in Mr. Karnehm’s class.  My son Jackson is a 7th grader at the Middle School. My husband Charlie and I are originally from Indiana and moved to Grandville 9 years ago from Illinois. I am an attorney and work in Grandville at Hackney Grover and Charlie works in Holland. I love South, its staff and students, and would not want my kids to go anywhere else.  

Volunteer Coordinator: Samantha Siegert
My name is Samantha Siegert, and I am our volunteer coordinator. I have 2 kids at South; Jack in Ms. Rieger’s class and Addy who is in Mrs. Doxstader’s class. I also have Theo, who is only 14 months, but still spends most his days at South Elementary following me around! I love South Elementary and feel very blessed to have my kids here. I think our staff is awesome and the community can’t be beat, but the thing that really makes South stand out to me is our kids. I’m blown away by the kindness and respect that I observe South kids show towards each other each day. We have such a special group.  At the PTC meetings we talk about ways to support our awesome kids and expand their learning opportunities. I hope you’ll join us soon! Or if you can’t make a meeting, feel free to reach out to any of us with suggestions or questions!

Activities Coordinator/Secretary: Jackie Stone
Hi!  I’m the one that has been writing these blogs and posting a bunch on facebook this school year.  My children are Cameron- 1st grade Mrs Hyde, and Abby- Kindergarten with Mrs Doxstader.  I also have a 3 1/2 year old, Emma, at Treehouse full time. My husband Ryan is a civil engineer with Prein & Newhof.  I started attending PTC meetings about halfway thru last year and love to plan & coordinate- its a lot of what I do with my job at Experience Grand Rapids, so it was a natural fit for me!  I’m still learning a lot but really enjoying all the parents and teachers that I meet!  Please reach out anytime if you have an idea for an event or activity!

I’ve attached these forms a few times, but am sending again in case they got lost in the shuffle at the beginning of the year 🙂
2016-2017 New Year Letter
2016-2017 Important Dates

Carnival is 2 months away- AHHH!  Volunteer spots have been going pretty well thanks to a ton of NHS Volunteers.  We still have a lot of spots open- Click HERE!  Take a look and volunteer for an hour or two if you’re able to!  It will be a really fun night if we can all work together!  More will be posted about this soon.  I have lots of donation requests out right now and may need help building or assembling games.  Information will be posted here & on our facebook group page!

Thanks so much for reading & participating in any way you’re able to!


About PTC Blog

PTC {Parents Teachers Children} Group To share as parents and/or guardians and to promote community spirit for South Elementary School. To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and community. To assist the faculty in undertaking school activities such as conferences, health and safety programs, and the like if so requested. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and/or guardians and teachers may co-operate intelligently in training of the child.

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  1. Thank you Jackie for this detailed summary of the week! Thank you to Victoria, Allison, Kristy, Sam and Jackie for all of the work that you do for our kids! The list of resources that PTC has provided to our school this year is incredible; and the Board members should be very proud of these accomplishments – it takes a great deal of dedication and hard work.

    As a new family to South this year, I have appreciated attending the monthly PTC meetings. The meetings have been eye-opening as Principal Roberts shares a range of topics that affect the school from adjusting from state-dictated curriculum changes; to re-launching programs (such as be nice campaign); to garden updates; or even discussing parking and drop off/pick up flow. I have even gained more insight on parenting through some of the conversations that have arisen, such as at the meeting Friday when we watched the video on the Fixed mindset versus the growth mindset.

    I have two main takeaways from participating in these meetings. First, I feel very fortunate that our son is in a school where the administration, faculty and parents are dedicated to serving the best interest of our kids; and helping to nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Secondly, I feel very fortunate to be part of a school community that supports the PTC so strongly. It is clear our teachers and administration face many challenges; and they do a wonderful job with the resources they have. PTC helps make our school more dynamic (it is illustrated through the list of successes Jackie included in the blog), and helps to solve some of those challenges.

    I hope others will have the opportunity to join one of these meetings in the future. I am appreciative to how receptive the group has been to listening to ideas and concerns parents bring up, and I’m sure gaining perspective from more parents will allow our school to do even more to meet the needs of our kids.

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